The Last Jedi booth at NYCC found the Resistance fighters they were looking for

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:14 AM EDT (Updated)

A few SYFY WIRE writers were lucky enough to stop by The Last Jedi booth at New York Comic Con earlier this month, but it looks like they picked the wrong (or right?) moment, because they missed an epic takeover by stormtroopers, complete with BB-8 and resistance fighters.

The Star Wars NYCC booth was full of gear and costumes from The Last Jedi, giving fans the inside track on what it might feel like to be in a Star Wars film. But a few select visitors got the full treatment of being hunted by The First Order. Their faces flashed on the wall, and a bunch of stormtroopers came to collect them. Not a fun day at the con for them!

Since most of us missed out, you can watch the whole thing below — including some behind-the-scenes footage of how they made it happen on the convention floor with thousands of people around constantly. Maybe Kylo is more powerful than we thought.

Honestly, it was all fun and games until Kylo Ren showed up to choke that resistance fighter. Congrats to the ones who managed to escape in time. Hopefully the kids around recovered from watching a human being choked to death. But hey, just another day in the world of the First Order, really.

(via io9)