The Last Jedi: Five new galactic revelations about the Star Wars sequel

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Entertainment Weekly's annual Fall Movie Preview just unloaded a Jawa Sandcrawler full of juicy new images, plot details, creatures, and vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and we've plunged into the thick of it and emerged with a slew of revelations sure to stoke your Star Wars fervor.

Check out our rundown of what we learned about the highly anticipated sequel (directed by Rian Johnson) out this December—and you can check out EW's complete preview here.


Cuddly little critters known as Porgs (right) are one of the natural inhabitants of Luke's secluded hiding spot on the planet of Ahch-To and were inspired by the proliferation of puffins seen on the actual Irish island of Skellig Michael. (They're bug-eyed and apparently enjoy an occasional ride aboard the Millennium Falcon.) The Caretakers, meanwhile, are nun-like alien creatures who have been protectors of the island for thousands of years. Wearing white robes and resembling a kind of turtle-fish hybrid, the clan of all-female Caretakers are seemingly drawn to this sacred location.


The Last Jedi finds John Boyega's Finn recovering from his near-fatal lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren and wanting to head to the Outer Rim and perhaps find Rey, but he crosses paths with a most unlikely new heroine named Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran). She's a Resistance mechanic and views herself as an uncool anonymous player in the galactic battle, taking a back seat to sister Paige (Veronica Ngo), a Resistance gunner. Finn and Rose embark on a mission to the posh casino resort of Canto Bight on the planet of Cantonica, which director Johnson describes as a "Las Vegas with aliens."


It appears that the initial meeting between Rey and Luke Skywalker will not be a celebratory occasion, as Rey soon discovers she's encountered not a Jedi of myth but a man with a fractured spirit. Rey is not warmly welcomed by Luke, but the two will soon find a common ground in the battle against the First Order as they both attempt to piece together the remnants of their lives.


If you remember, the blood-red-robed sentinels of the Emperor in The Return of the Jedi weren't the most mobile of guards and we never saw them fight. In The Last Jedi, Snoke's samurai-like Praetorian bodyguards, also clad in red, will be seen in action at some point, and the film also promises to reveal the Supreme Leader in some form. Director Johnson also hints that we'll learn more about the mutated tyrant and his sinister goals.


Fans can get a glimpse of Kylo Ren's new spacecraft, the TIE Silencer, AKA Sienar Fleet Systems Jaemus TIE V/N Space Superiority Fighter—flanked by a pair of standard TIE fighters on an attack run. This vehicle showcases an aggressive design and jagged exterior. Overall, a deadly addition to the First Order's sinister armada.

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