The Last Jedi's salty planet of Crait receives some important visitors in a new Star Wars comic

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Dec 17, 2018, 7:00 PM EST (Updated)

Spoiler warning: This article reveals key plot points of The Last Jedi

The climax of Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes place on a planet the likes of which we've never really seen before — the desolate orb features a rich red soil, covered in salt. We know it's salt, because one of the Resistance soldiers is nice enough to taste it for us. Earlier in the film, General Leia refers to the planet as housing a former rebel base, and a new comic is exploring that mythos a bit further. 

Published by Marvel, the new comic Star Wars: The Storms of Crait picks up somewhere in the current continuity of Marvel's Star Wars comics. It's not clear exactly where this self-contained adventure sits in relation to the main comic's current trip to what remains of Jedha (from Rogue One), but like the main comic, it features Leia, Han, Luke, and Chewie in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin. Luke has yet to meet Yoda (and is very much in want of training), Han and Leia are flirting up a salt storm, and the rebellion is looking for a good post-Yavin place to bunk down for a while. 


The whole adventure is Leia's idea — she thinks that she sees potential in the planet. How does she know about it in the first place? The comic doesn't really address it, but Leia discovered the planet many years before, as part of the events of Claudia Gray's novel, Leia: Princess of Alderaan. It is there that she first discovers a rebel base (being manned by her father, Bail Organa) and apparently the memory stuck. An old friend of her father is in charge of the base now, though he may not be entirely trustworthy. The planet is also prone to salt storms, and they look unpleasant to say the least. 

The book is a great companion to The Last Jedi, as the notion of Leia seeing potential in the planet is also extended to her seeing potential in Luke and Han. You can draw a direct line from this to her seeing potential in Poe Dameron (as well as Rey) in the new film. Other fun connections include the appearance of the ski speeders, and though they're not falling apart quite as much, they're still not much help. 

The comic also connects to the current Marvel run, with the appearance of Wedge Antilles (letting out a bit of his inner savage) and the inclusion of Scar Squadron, an elite team of troopers who are ongoing villains in the series. Thankfully our heroes get some good shots in against this (really, really high on themselves) trooper squadron. 

In the end Leia realizes that the base isn't suitable... but her faith in both her future brother and her future husband has increased quite a bit. Han is very much Han, and Luke teaches us that you should never mess with a farmboy. The only downside? The popular Vulptices (crystal foxes) aren't really featured. 

The comic is written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, with art by Mike Mayhew. It promises to be the first in a line of spin-offs featuring various parts of The Last Jedi, and the next issue will focus on Benicio Del Toro's stuttering character of "don't join" DJ. 

Star Wars: The Storms of Crait is available now.

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