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The latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow isn’t just Constantine vs. a fairy god mother

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

There were a lot of big, silly things happening in this week’s Legends — its kind of become the status quo for this wacky time travel series — but behind all the trope-twisting and gags, “Witch Hunt” managed to slyly slip in some real emotion. Something this show is getting better and better at by the year.

Spoilers ahead for “Witch Hunt,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Oct. 29, 2018.

Yes, the hook for this episodes was almost certainly John Constantine vs. a mouthy, murderous fairy god mother. And we’ll certainly get to that soon. But first, lets talk about Zari’s perspective on this mission of the week, and how she’s finally had enough of letting time pass her by, regardless of what’s right or wrong.

The Salem witch trials were a brutal era, with women being killed over wild, unproven accusations. The Legends fall right into one of those types of cases, though this time there turns out to be a real witch, who uses her powers to send crows to attack the evil town elders. Zari, who has already grappled with not warning her mother of the life to come in her broken future, forms an unlikely bond with the young Puritan girl who is using (and being used by) the fairy god mother to smite those who may or may not need to be smote.

It comes to a head with Zari appealing to the young girl’s humanity, where she stands on the edge of a knife prepared to go dark and use her powers to kill those who hurt her mother. She asks, begs Zari to learn if mankind ever gets any better in the years to come. Considering Zari’s future isn’t all that different from the hate she’s seen in 1692, she can’t bring herself to lie. But, she tells her that isn’t an excuse to surrender her mercy and kindness. It’s a lesson Zari has had to learn, and it was touching to see her pass that on in a day saving way. 

We saw Jax grapple with these same issues in previous seasons, and it gets to the core of the idea of time travel — if you can go back and set things right, shouldn’t you? Zari finally did that, and its a reminder to the rest of the team of exactly why they’re zipping and flying through time and space in the first place: They’re supposed to be heroes.

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As for Constantine vs that foul-mouthed fairy god mother: Yeah, it was pretty great. Constantine decides at the eleventh hour to join the Legends, but of course, he has his own ulterior motives. He tries to coerce the fairy god mother to help him combat whatever evil is coming for him, and it turns out John’s fate is so bad she happily chooses to be banished to hell, rather than risk pissing off that force by helping Constantine. Yeah, look for that to pay off later.

Assorted musings

*Constantine and Mick trying to get along was a great little montage. The personalities clash perfectly. More of that, please.

*Nate’s efforts to bond with his dad made for a great B-story this week, and he finally gets to come clean and tell his father he’s been a superhero all this time. But, if Nate’s dad knows about the Time Bureau and presumably the Legends, wouldn’t he have caught wind of his son being on the roster? Looking ahead, could Nate transition over to the Time Bureau and leave the Legends behind? Certainly looks possible.

*The line: "What in the Disney hell is this?” is peak Legends legends-ing.

*Sara saving the day and helping rescue Zari was an excellent action set piece. Always a good time when Sara get a chance to kick some butt. 

Next week: The team heads to punk rock London. This has “John Constantine Episode” written all over it, right?

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