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The latest trailer for SYFY’s No-End House will have you seeing things

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Aug 11, 2017

We already know that when you enter SYFY's Channel Zero: No-End House, inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta monstrosity, you may not make it through the six rooms—one scarier than the next—alive. The new trailer shows even more evidence that Margo (Amy Forsyth) and her friends might barely even make it through the first room alive.

The deceptively peaceful view of Stepford-esque suburbia at twilight is disturbed by Margo’s voice-over warning This is not your house before the screen momentarily blacks out before showing a bloodstained Jules (Aisha Dee) frantically making her way down the street. It’s as if the neighbors don’t notice the bloody young woman headed for the cul-de-sac. It’s really creepy to just watch some random guy watering his predictably manicured lawn surrounded by just as predictably green trees when a girl who was possibly almost murdered walks right past him. Which only proves Margo’s disembodied voice is right in saying This is not how reality works.

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Then again, even between two suburban clone houses with a divider of perfectly mown grass, it isn’t exactly normal to see an entire family closed in behind a cage. And why is some guy in a black funeral suit holding an umbrella without a single drop of rain?

Why Jules is still attracted to the No-End House as she stands there dripping crimson is beyond any sane reasoning. It looks too normal. Too Stepford. Too predictable.

But— we’re still inside the No-End House. At least Margo thinks we are. So is this a hallucination or the warped version of reality teased when Margo unlocked the unspeakable things in this place?

Find out later this fall when the door to No-End House opens on September 20 and it lets you in to see for yourself. 

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