The League of Assassins returns and a new adventure begins in the latest Arrow

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Mar 30, 2018, 12:32 PM EDT (Updated)

With Thea poised to finally escape for her own happy ending, live gets in the way and pulls her back in with an adventure of Indiana Jones-level proportions. Oh, and we get some great sister-wife jokes, all on the latest Arrow.

Spoilers ahead for “The Thanatos Guild,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Out of all the characters who make up the ensemble of the Arrowverse, Thea has arguably drawn the shortest straw over the years. After she decided to hang up her hood and retire from superhero-ing, the writers clearly struggled to find a way to keep her relevant within the show’s twisting narrative. Thea has been largely relegated to a peripheral character the past few years, but the return of fan favorite Roy Harper has finally give her story a spark. Yes, it’s a shame it took an old love interesting to get her some focus, but that pretty much sums up Thea’s trajectory for quite some time. She’s been absolutely tortured, from shocking family reveals, death and resurrection, a blood lust, and losing pretty much everyone she opens herself up to along the way.

With Roy back, the duo are literally driving off into the sunset when a whole bunch of ninjas drop out of the sky and attack. Literally. It turns out Thea’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, set into motion his own offshoot of the League of Assassins before his death (Malcolm held the title of Ra’s al Ghul, and sacrificed his life at the end of last season to save Thea). What’s left behind of Malcolm’s Thanatos Guild needs Thea to find a map and unlock it with her blood, which sets off a fun adventure that ropes Roy back in and drops Nyssa al Ghul back into the fold. The situation swings the focus back onto Thea, who has to decide to take the “out” and hit the road with Roy, or stick round and help Nyssa figure out what kind of mess Malcolm left behind.

It turns out Malcolm’s mysterious map leads to three long-lost Lazarus Pits (a resurrection McGuffin used to bring back a few Arrowverse players over the years, before it was destroyed). If they were to fall into the hands of the Thanatos Guild, or any group, really, the results could be disastrous. So when push comes to shove, Thea realizes something most keen-eyed fans realized seasons ago — she’s been missing something, and maybe righting Merlyn’s wrongs is the purpose she’s been looking for. 

Roy decides to follow Thea along on this new adventure to destroy the Lazarus Pits, and thus a new super-team is born. Roy, Thea and Nyssa hit the road with their own mission, and the fact that we’d almost be more excited to see where their story goes than the “A” team is telling. Here’s hoping we’ll at least check in a few times along the way.

Assorted Musings


*Nyssa cracking jokes about being Oliver’s wife was a great bit of levity in an episode that was mostly on the heavy side. The fact that she’s clearly doing it just to piss off Felicity makes it even funnier. The “sister-wife” line alone was worth the price of admission. But when it’s all said and done, we actually get some resolution on that lingering plot thread: Nyssa gives Oliver a League-legal annulment, so how Olicity is officially official.

*This is almost certainly not the last we’ll be seeing of Athena and the Thanatos Guild, and it’ll be interesting to see if those extra Lazarus Pits come into play down the line. That’s not a McGuffin you’d introduce with no plan down the line. 

*It only gets a quick nod, but Earth-2 Laurel is still living with Quentin and seemingly trying to live a life on the straight and narrow. Look for that plot to pick back up at some point soon.

*Dinah and Curtis get the B-story this week as they dig deeper into the corruption rocking the Star City Police Department. They finally start to realize how deep it goes, and confirm the captain is working for Diaz to cover up his rollout of Vertigo on the streets.

*Diggle is still bitter over not getting back the hood from Oliver, and following Oliver’s chat with Thea, it’s pretty clear he has no intention of laying down the mantle. 

*Up next: Diggle and Oliver finally come to blows over who should get to be the Green Arrow, and though it seems like such a ploy, that’s still a fight fans will almost certainly want to see.