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The Leftovers star Carrie Coon joins Avengers: Infinity War as Proxima Midnight

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Apr 16, 2018, 5:11 PM EDT (Updated)

The Avengers: Infinity War cast just got a little bigger. The film's directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed in a new interview with Radio Times that acclaimed actress Carrie Coon, best known to genre fans for her Critics' Choice Award-winning performance as Nora Durst on The Leftovers, is a major villain in the film.

Coon provided the voice and motion capture performance for Proxima Midnight, the only female member of the Children of Thanos, better known in the comics as The Black Order.

Children of Thanos, Black Order, Avengers: Infinity War

Debuting in New Avengers #8 in 2013 in the lead-up to the Infinity event, Proxima Midnight was one of the major players in Thanos' most recent invasion of Earth, landing in Atlantis and accepting the surrender of that kingdom from Namor (in his defense, he had also just been attacked by Wakandan forces). The wife of fellow Order member Corvus Glaive, she is the best fighter in Thanos' army, fierce on the battlefield and relentless in her pursuit of slaughter.

Her already deadly skills are heightened by her weapon of choice, a spear forged from a sun in distorted space-time, giving it the power of a star and a supernova at the same time. When she throws it, it emits three prongs of light that never miss and prove deadly to most living things. She can also alter the density of the light emitted by the spear to the point that she was essentially able to trap the Hulk under the full weight of a star.

The few glimpses we've had of her in Infinity War promotional materials so far reveal that the spear has been redesigned, but even if it doesn't have the same powers on the big screen, Proxima Midnight is bad news.

Proxima Midnight

The Russos also confirmed to Radio Times that actor Terry Notary (Kong: Skull Island) will play Cull Obsidian, the Order's hulking bruiser. Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor will play Ebony Maw, the member of the Order known more for his extremely persuasive words than his fighting skills. 

So, that's three members of the four-member Black Order (a fifth, Supergiant, appears in the comics but is not present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) confirmed, leaving only Corvus Glaive without an actor to his name. Who's playing him? Well, we still don't know for sure who Peter Dinklage is playing...

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters April 27.