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The Legends of Tomorrow find Helen of Troy and one massive Wonder Woman easter egg

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Legends continue their mass adventures through space and time by tracking down Helen of Troy after she disappears in 1930s Hollywood. Turns out, Helen is a whole lot more than a pretty face.

Spoilers ahead for “Helen Hunt,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow!

We’re the protectors of history. Not its editors.” -Amaya

It was wrapped up in a lot of wackiness and fun, but this episode of Legends of Tomorrow dealt with a fascinating question when it comes to being a time traveling hero: What happens when fixing an anachronism means dooming someone to a life they don’t want to live? Helen of Troy pops up in 1937 and sets Hollywood on fire, to the point that it derails pretty much every blockbuster from the era and has a profound impact on history itself. So, the Legends track her down and plan to send her home. The problem is that she doesn’t actually want to return to Troy. At all.

Helen has spent her entire life with men fighting over her, and left behind a war launched almost entirely because of her beauty. Sure, Hollywood is still shady, but at least there aren’t legions of warriors getting sliced up in her name. It’s a question that floats in that grey area of setting things right and doing what’s right, and Helen proved to be an excellent way to ask it.


For a moment there, it seemed they might try to just skirt that question and get back to the sword fights and Freaky Friday of it all — but then Helen and Zari have a heart to heart about the life Helen doesn’t want to live.

So, Zari manages to “hack” time itself, finding a loophole to return Helen to her own time, while also getting her away from Troy and its wars. Her solution? A little island ruled by warrior women, with nary a man in sight. That’s right, Zari drops Helen of Troy off in Themyscira circa 1253 BC. This series has flirted with the larger DC Comics canon before, but this is easily one of the biggest DC easter eggs the show has ever attempted. By a long shot. Not only does it introduce the potential for Wonder Woman to exist in the Arrowverse (if nothing else, we know Themyscira does), but it also plays a critical role in resolving the story. It’s an easter egg, but an easter egg with a purpose.

Looking ahead, you have to wonder if this might open the door for the Legends to eventually meet an Amazonian warrior down the line? Wonder Woman is probably off limits, but how about pulling a different Amazonian warrior off the bench? Dig deep enough into DC’s canon and there are a couple of decent options, there. The Waverider is a big ship, they could certainly make room for another female warrior, right?

Assorted musings


*There had been rumblings Victor Garber could leave the show at the end of the season, and it seems that will be a full-on subplot for at least part of the season. We see Jax and Stein enjoy some Freaky Friday action in this one, complete with jokes about how Stein always has to pee. With Ray on the case, they’ll almost certainly figure out a way to keep Jax on the team flying solo, while opening the door for Stein to make a graceful exit back to his old life and adorable grandchild.

*FireStein was glorious. Garber might be preparing to say goodbye to the role, but at least he got to suit up and blast some flames before calling it quits.

*We learn a bit more about Damien Darhk 2.0 this week, and it seems he’s also on the loose throughout the time stream, trying to take advantage of anachronisms for his own personal gain. The Sara vs. Darhk sword fight was crazy fun, and it was great to see Sara come out of top (even if Darhk’s evil daughter did nearly suck the life out of her a few minutes later). We still don’t know exactly how he’ll fit into the season, but he’s so fun, we almost don’t care.

*Sara rubbing in that Oliver killed Darhk the last time around was a nice dig, and also a subtle reminder that It’s All Connected.

*They kind of breeze over it, but Sara is almost killed after her fight with Darhk. She’ll spend a few days in a coma, but presumably be good to go by next week?

*Amaya catches up this week to learn the “Water Witch” is actually her evil granddaughter, a plot point Ray and some of the other team members were keeping from her to avoid any timey-wimey contamination. But, with her granddaughter trying to kill her now, you can pretty much throw those concerns out at this stage.

Next week: Gorilla Grodd vs. the Legends. Grodd has made for some of the biggest and best Flash episodes in that show’s run, so the pressure is on to do the talking gorilla justice.