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The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is an interesting new take on princesses

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Feb 20, 2018, 3:28 PM EST (Updated)

Nippon Ichi Software's The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is an upcoming game with a unique storybook style and an intriguing premise that's not quite been tried before in the realm of gaming. The titular "Liar Princess" isn't a princess at all, nor is she a damsel in distress. In fact, she's a monster. And rather than going after a princess to try and save her from some big bad enemy, you've got to help guide a blind prince throughout a treacherous forest. It's a refreshing twist on the whole princess narrative that most fictional stories follow, and it's brought to us by a woman. 

The game's foundation came from an employee at developer Nippon Ichi Software, during a special event the studio holds every year. All employees are welcomed to submit their own ideas and pitches for a game, and the winner is essentially guaranteed to be made into an actual game that the company will sell. Previous winners of the contests include games Yomawari: Night Alone and htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince was borne from an idea submitted by a female web designer at the company, who's clearly onto something awesome. 

As the story goes in the game, the Liar Princess is, in reality, a monster with an uncanny ability to shapeshift and a gorgeous singing voice. Its true form is actually a wolf. It often enjoys howling up at the moon in its beautiful singing voice, but that was all cut short one fateful day. A prince (I'll let you guess who) ends up happening upon the wolf who was singing and approached the monster, but ended up being injured during the encounter. 

The monster felt bad about the injury, and traded in its singing voice for a new ability: the form of a raven-haired princess. The monster, now the princess, leads the prince through the forest in search of a witch who can make wishes come true in return for something dear. That's where the game begins, and it's an intriguing setup from there. 

Not only is a "princess" leading a prince to safety this time around, but a female designer with an excellent idea had a voice that was amplified loudly enough to see her game come to fruition. It looks like it's going to be a great-looking game, too, at the very least, if early trailers and artwork are any indication. 

The Liar Princess and Blind Prince is scheduled for a Japanese release May 31, 2018, and it's coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. There's no word just yet on a western release for the game, but generally the NIS America stable of titles gets English releases with even the more niche titles, so hopefully this liar princess and her blind prince get a chance at inventive storytelling in America. What does the monster want with the witch? Will the two find a happy ending? We'll have to wait and see. 

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