The Lost Boys almost had its own post-credit scene

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

When The Lost Boys premiered back in 1987 it was rare for a movie to boast a post-credit scene (we’re talking 20 years before Marvel made it an art form). Director Joel Schumacher had plans to include that cinematic rarity at the end of his cult vampire film but the scene ended up being scrapped.

According to Paul Davis’ book Lost in the Shadows: The Story of The Lost Boys (currently sold-out) which sinks its teeth into the history of the movie, the original script featured a much different ending than the one we saw. If you guys will recall, The Lost Boys (which will be getting a TV series) ends with Barnard Hughes’ Grandpa saying: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, are all the damn vampires.” Cue Echo And The Bunnymen’s cover of The Doors' hit “People are Strange.” Check it out:

Originally, the script had a different ending that was moved to the end of the credits. The scene that would have played after the credits had stopped rolling would have returned moviegoers to David (Kiefer Sutherland) and the Lost Boys' vampire lair. The camera would have slowly zoomed in on an old mural depicting freshly deceased head vamp Max (Edward Herrmann), in the early 1900s, a straw hat on his head and talking to a group of young boys (most probably his titular Lost Boys, however which ones is unclear) with a huge grin on his face.

According to the book, that scene was never filmed nor was the mural ever created. Production designer Bo Welch explained it was because the movie already had a brilliant ending with Grandpa’s line so when Warner Bros. cut 35 percent of the film’s budget (ouch), the scene went out the window.  “It never got beyond the discussion stage,” Welch added.

Sure, although it would have been cool to have had a peek at that mural, the scene wasn't really needed and ending on the shocked expressions of Dianne Wiest, Jason Patrick and Corey Haim after Grandpa revealed he knew about vampires was perfect.

What do you guys think of the post-credit scene that was never filmed? Do you prefer the way The Lost Boys ends with Grandpa’s iconic line?

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