The Magic Order Issue #1 by Mark Millar
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Mark Millar's The Magic Order is getting a Netflix series directed by James Wan

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May 16, 2019, 2:04 PM EDT

Independent comic creator Mark Millar has recently been running the world — or at least Millarworld — after a string of popular adaptations cemented his name as a heavy-hitter in the world of multimedia successes. The man behind Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Wanted, and more had a working deal with streaming service Netflix to release and/or adapt future comic work, and now another property can be added to the list: The Magic Order.

In an announcement Thursday, Netflix’s first comic from Millar and artist Olivier Coipel — which recently released its first graphic novel compilation — has gotten the greenlight and a live-action series order from Netflix. The Magic Order is about five magical families tasked with keeping the world safe — but whose safety is threatened by a dark force taking them out one at a time. Think Harry Potter, but smaller-scale and much more grown-up. And now it’s getting its own Netflix show from some big names.

Aquaman director and The Conjuring mastermind James Wan will executive-produce and direct the pilot episode. Lindsey Beer (writer of upcoming The Kingkiller Chronicle and Silver Sable scripts) will also be an EP, as well as showrun and write the series. No casting information has been released, nor has any production timeline been announced — though, if Netflix and Millarworld’s previous collaborations are any clue, fans should expect plenty of teases along the way.

Jupiter's Legacy and American Jesus will be hitting the small screen from the prolific creator, while Empress, Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, and Huck are all getting feature adaptations. Millar is a busy guy, and with The Magic Order already a bona fide comic hit, Netflix is nowhere near to slowing down the milking of this particular cash cow.