The Magicians cast gathers to discuss returning characters, new creatures, and the treachery of Dean Fogg

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Oct 18, 2018, 7:38 PM EDT

Are you an overflowing wellspring of excitement waiting for Season 4 of The Magicians to magically appear? After the insane twists at the end of last season, we don't blame you. Every season of the show lays waste to the status quo and offers up an entirely new direction for the show to go in— what we got at the end of Season 3 was possibly the craziest one yet. 

The cast of the hit SYFY show (Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Summer Bishil, Hale Appleman, Jade Tailor, Arjun Gupta, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Brittany Curran, Trevor Einhorn, and Rick (TRAITOR!) Worthy recently took to Facebook Live to shed some light on what the new season will entail, moderated by none other than the (awful, but not really) Fairy Queen herself, Candis Cayne. Filming is almost finished, and it sounds (and looks) like Season 4 will once again find the show topping itself. 

**WARNING: There will be spoilers ahead for The Magicians Seasons 3 and 4. If you aren't caught up, or don't want a single moment of magic spoiled ahead of time, step through that clock and begone from this article.***

The finale of Season 3 found the group completing their season-long quest to restore magic by unlocking a fountain at the other end of the Wellspring— unfortunately there was absolutely zero time for them to celebrate. In a betrayal so shocking and hurtful that it still pains us to talk about it, Dean Fogg (Worthy) proved that he is no Albus Dumbledore— he made a deal with the morally dubious (at best) Irene McAllistair and the extremely untrustworthy people of the Library to take that magic and use it for themselves. Sure, saving the lives of almost the entire cast was a part of the deal he made, but now they live with their memories altered. They have no idea that magic is even real, all except for Alice, Fen, and Eliot. The latter probably got the worst deal of all, as he has been possessed by a child-like "unkillable" monster that used him to escape from Castle Blackspire. Great stuff all around!

The new (fake) identities of the cast were fun to discover right at the end, and it sounds like we'll continue to explore these fake realities for at least a little bit. We were led to believe that Kady (Tailor) is a drug addict, but Tailor revealed that "really she's an undercover cop...more structured than Kady." The once and future High King Margo (Bishil) has traded in her battle magic for the world of high fashion, but Bishil says Margo is still mostly going to be Margo. As she says, "One element of your life does not define a human being." Magic may be fleeting, but Margo is forever. 

We saw "Monster Eliot" track down Quentin (Ralph), and this entrapment will continue. Quentin is now a professor named "Bri Guy" and Monster Eliot (Appleman) has him in his clutches. If this leads to more wonderful scenes between these two, bring it on. Julia (Maeve) is now an architect (with Maeve revealing that she will be sporting a think New York accent), Penny (Gupta) is a DJ, and Josh (Einhorn) is an Uber driver who will make sure his passengers have water. 

Not all of our characters have had their minds wiped, though— Alice (Dudley) doesn't "have a glamour..." Dudley says, adding, "Alice is still in library jail." Well, we hate to say it, but...good. We don't trust her. Acting High King Fen (Curran) is still in that role, and Curran talked about what a change that is for the character— she's never had power before (being promised to a man since birth...ah, Fillory) and now she is going to start coming into her own. 

Then there's Dean "Oh come on, seriously?" Fogg, who Worthy says has gone more into the business and politics of magic. If by that he meant delving into completely deceitful and selfish behavior, yep, that's dead on. This a terrible choice for our formerly favorite Dean, and we don't see how we'll ever forgive him. We're not alone— Worthy shared that he "got quite a few WTF's" after his awful actions last season. Good! (For the record, we love Rick Worthy. We're just really mad at Dean Fogg.)

The cast was gathered on what will be a new location for most of the season, which is a swanky apartment that is somehow connected to Marina (Kacey Rohl), who will definitely be playing a big role in Season 4 after (thankfully) returning to the show due to some dimensional magic. We also got a look at one of the show's new creatures, the "manphibian" known as Mr. Fresh. He is the lord of all Fillorian fresh water, and the design of the character is a thing of beauty. 

Take a look at the event in full right here. The Magicians will be back on January 23rd, and Dean Fogg better had better hit his knees and beg for forgiveness.