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The Magicians cast on which fandoms their characters would join

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Jan 9, 2019, 3:00 PM EST

The world of The Magicians is largely built on Quentin Coldwater's (Jason Ralph) love of the Fillory and Further book series. So when we visited the set of Season 4 of The Magicians last fall, we asked the rest of the cast what fandom their character would be stanning on Tumblr.

Jade Tailor (Kady): You know, I don't know why this just came to mind but I'm just going to throw it out there. Xena: Warrior Princess is what came to mind. Just, she would love to be in Fillory but I think she'd want to, I don't know, yeah, Xena: Warrior Princess. That's my answer.

SYFY FANGRRLS: Were you a fan of Xena as a kid?

Tailor: Huge fan! And I heard they were making another show and for a while, I was like, "I want to be Xena." But I don't what happened to the show. Anyways, I'm on this one, it's great. But yeah if it were anything I'd say, Xena.

Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice): I mean, Alice is a huge Fillory And Further fan. If you watch the past seasons and you look very closely, she throws out facts constantly or corrects him on things, but she's just low-key. She's not as crazy about it as him. Quentin would do cosplay for sure, and Alice would not. No, I think that's her fandom too. I think that's one of the reasons why she's attracted to Quentin. She's probably obsessed with Harry Potter, too. Probably idolizes Hermione a lot. I do.

Summer Bishil (Margo): So my character doesn’t know a lot of movies exist because we don’t have electricity.

Brittany Curran (Fen): I’m obsessed with LOST.

Trevor Einhorn (Josh): Josh would love the Great British Bake-Off.

Summer: Yes.

Trevor: And like Top Chef and probably Weeds on Showtime.

Brittany: Fen would like, I don’t know, Vikings? 'Cause of the knives. Like what show has knives?

Stella Maeve (Julia): I think for Julia to be in [Fillory] to be lady of the ... I think she, I think that'd be really cool, to be back in her goddess [form], and to sort of be in that world would be awesome. And as Stella, I was like, "I would love to get to play in Fillory more, with the fairy queen and just get to explore that and be in a fantastical world, because she's been so stuck on Earth for so long." It's nice, I always get jealous of those storylines 'cause I'm like, "Aw, I wanna be there. I wanna be with the mythical creatures and talking to animals."

Arjun Gupta (Penny): That's hard. Penny's fandom. I feel like Penny would be most fascinated by getting into the heads of people, and like what are you? Like who are you? ... I don't, there's not, he wouldn't be a fandom of a show, or a book. That's not who he is. And he wouldn't be a fandom of cars, he wouldn't get, he wouldn't be, he's not a car dude, who's building cars all the time. I think he would get off on—

Stella: Traveling?

Arjun: Well, being in different experiences and talking to different people and just being like, who the f*ck are you, and diving into what your brain is.

Hale Appleman (Eliot): It would be the complete works of Oscar Wilde/David Bowie. 

SYFY FANGRRLS: That's what he makes fanart of? 

Hale: Power Rangers. Huge Power Rangers fan.

The Magicians Season 4 airs January 23 on SYFY.

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