The making of The Flash's Justice League suit is almost as complicated as a real super-suit

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Feb 23, 2018, 2:03 PM EST

For the non-CGI'd members of Zack Synder’s Justice League, even if they didn’t sound very cool or have many cool things to do, at least they looked pretty decent during the process. The costumes were cool and indicative of character, be it the overly-macho bro Aquaman or the...overly-macho mecha-Batman.

The one that stood out, besides Wonder Woman, whose costumes we’ve seen before and better in her standalone movie, is Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash, who puts his homemade supersuit (for very competitive ice dancing, if you listen to Barry Allen) to good use.

That suit’s a lot more complex than it might look, and costume designer Michael Wilkinson explains what went into it in a new video:


Mixing high- and low-tech, the costume needed to reflect the prototypedom of the look. Comparing the design to “a sports shoe,” Wilkinson explains how he got the design onto such a flexible material.

A digital pattern was laser-cut into some neoprene, like that used in wetsuits, to create the top of many layers that would remain stretchy, but still be firm enough to look sturdy. The design added depth without compromising mobility.

That’s some real-life Edna Mode stuff.

This clip is from the Blu-Ray extra “Suit Up: The Look of the League,” which will be included once the disc is fully released, but expect the same sort of detail to arise for Batman, Aquaman, and more. The Justice League home release is scheduled for March 13.