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The Mandalorian cast spills details on first live-action Star Wars series

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Mar 26, 2020, 10:50 PM EDT (Updated)

While much of the weekend's big Star Wars news has been dominated by Star Wars: Episode IX (or should we say The Rise of Skywalker), a TV series has been quietly tantalizing fans behind all the build-up. The Mandalorian, with its stellar cast and impressive creative lineup, has been set to debut its Fett-esque aesthetic on Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney+ this fall. Now we know a lot more about the Pedro Pascal-led space drama set in the gunslinging Wild West of the Outer Rim. Pascal will be joined by the likes of Carl Weathers, Nick Nolte, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog, and more.

SYFY WIRE learned about the upcoming show at its Star Wars Celebration panel led by writer Jon Favreau, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and director Dave Filoni - as well as surprise appearances by cast members Pascal, Carano, and Weathers.

Kennedy explained that Favreau initially pitched the idea after it became apparent that Disney+ would have room for multiple TV shows. The two creatives explained that they met when making Iron Man and Clone Wars, both being the first to see the other's creation. Favreau said that he wanted to take the series back to the "scum and villainy" seen in the first film, which is a tone that immediately won him over. Westerns, samurai films - the original influences of the sci-fi classic - are coming back in a big way.

And that's all thanks to the characters. Pascal is playing the titular Mandalorian, whose questionable morals are teased as well as his ability to be a "badass," while Carano is playing Cara Dune (an ex-shock trooper) and Weathers is playing Greef Carga (a leader of a bounty hunting company). Weathers' character is looking for someone to seek a very...exclusive product, and hires The Mandalorian to take care of business.

Debuting the first footage fans have ever seen of a live-action Star Wars series, the mini trailer showed Mandalorian walking through the harsh snow into a dive bar which he enters through a cool sci-fi door. He's cloaked in shadows like a true gunslinger of the West. Then the footage turned to the directors and creative team (including a brief glimpse of George Lucas on set), explaining that the show takes place five years after Return of the Jedi. 

The next footage shown - a five minute clip followed by a montage teaser - showed the Mandalorian take a job from his guild leader Carga. Something off the books...something with Stormtroopers. In a long conversation with Herzog's character (who's surrounded by the remnants of the Empire), the Mandalorian agrees to retrieve an "asset" - dead or alive. The montage that followed showed him fight Doon, punch a Stormtrooper so hard his helmet breaks, and avoid the TIE Fighter flown by the villainous Esposito. The series seems to be posing the question "Is the galaxy truly safer now that the Empire has been defeated?"

As new planets, new aliens, and new ships (including the Mandalorian's, the Razorcrest) will all debut during the show, it was paramount to include the familiar - which is one of the reasons why the Mandalorian himself is front and center with his iconic armor. Throwback methods, like building and using ship models for spaceflight (which they showed a small featurette documenting) will continue tying this Star Wars step forward to its source.

The Mandalorian will launch with Disney+ on Nov. 12.

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