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Image Credit: Donnie Lederer

The MCU and a Bat-Joker rule WonderCon Day 1 cosplay

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:44 AM EDT (Updated)

Con season has kicked into full gear. You saw the cosplay from ECCC. You saw the cosplay from C2E2. Now it's time for WonderCon to show what they've got in the way of creativity and passion.

WonderCon is well known for its cosplay. Thanks to the setup of the Anaheim Convention Center, fans can take advantage of the beautiful scenery to show off their hard work. There's also a mini amphitheater where massive cosplay meetups occur like today's featuring the stars of the MCU. Among the MANY highlights of the day's cosplay was a Heath Ledger lookalike (it was uncanny) who stole one of the bat suits and made it his own.

Check out all the cosplay goodness in the gallery below and follow all of the WonderCon happenings right here on SYFY WIRE.

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