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The Meg meets Sharknado in first trailer for Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark

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Feb 11, 2019, 1:53 PM EST

Tommy Wiseau, the auteur whose trashterpiece The Room got its own dramatization with the Oscar-nominated The Disaster Artist, is shifting genres. Changing directions from the slice-of-life madness that was the drugs, sex, and cancer drama of The Room, Wiseau is bringing a new shark movie to fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema. The film is called, fittingly, Big Shark. And you already know what it’s going to give us.

Reuniting with The Room star Greg Sestero, Wiseau faces down a shark that perhaps spun out of the Sharknado franchise or was one of The Meg’s lesser-known cousins in this new trailer.

Take a look:

Yikes. Even the Jaws sequels make more sense. While the official website for the film redirects to Wiseau’s personal merch site (and knowing the oddball writer/director/actor, who would expect anything less?), the trailer shows off three firefighters who grapple with sudden, knee-deep water and one (repeated) animated shark. Very strange.

The film is apparently not yet finished, with the purpose of the trailer’s release to attract additional funding for the film. Perhaps with that new money, the team can make the seemingly normal-sized shark even bigger and present in even less likely locations than a random city street. If the film can split the difference between the beloved Sharknado series and the one-hit wonder Birdemic, Wiseau could potentially repeat his success in the midnight movie market.

Big Shark is still a work-in-progress, with no release date announced.