The midseason trailer for The Walking Dead declares that it's time to finish the fight

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Feb 2, 2018, 4:29 PM EST

We don't know exactly who Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is talking to, but we're gonna go out on a limb and guess that he is addressing his archnemesis (and brain-batting enthusiast) Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) when he says "This is where you DIE." He delivers the line as only The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes could. 

It's part of the new trailer for the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, and it's only a small (yet epic) part of what looks to be a blood-splattering return. The tension between Rick and Negan (and their respective teams) has been ratcheting up since, well, it feels like forever—and this new trailer declares that it is time to "finish the fight." 

Take a look at the trailer here


We get small glimpses of most of our main cast—Maggie looks locked, loaded, and ready for revenge, and Eugene seems pleased with a very specific bullet. Morgan's staff is flying fast and loose, so it looks like he'll be making the most of the rest of his time on the show before moving on to Fear the Walking DeadDaryl has his crossbow, Michonne has her sword, and Carol has a look of resolve—so there's comfort to be found there as well. 

Though Rick and Maggie both look ready to finally wipe that self-satisfied smile off of Negan's face for good, the battle is far from won. Negan's saviors will no doubt put up quite a fight, and our heroes are down at least one tiger. Ezekiel is seen briefly in the trailer, though fans are certainly still missing his fearless companion.

What's most interesting is what is not shown here—the aftermath of the death mark by walker-bite that Carl (CORRRAALLLL!!!!) received when last we saw him. Actor Chandler Riggs isn't seen at all in the trailer, and though Rick is out for blood, he doesn't seem to have completely lost his mind. That's something that we imagine he'll do when Carl inevitably dies. It's a big change from the comics, but it's happening whether Rick (or the audience) likes it or not. If anything is going to shift Rick back into full-on Psycho-Rick mode, it's losing his son. 

Will Rick deal with Negan's forces before he finds out about Carl, or will the loss of CORRALLLL only fuel his rage to throw Negan into the sun? We'll have to wait until the show's eighth season resumes on February 25 to find out.