The Milano, Dark Aster + 19 more rare and regal Guardians of the Galaxy starship concept pics

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Oct 3, 2014

One of the many admirable aspects of last summer's gargantuan outer-space spectacle, Guardians of the Galaxy, was its magnificent attention to design and detail. The darting spacecraft and futuristic fighters shooting through the stars and inhabiting its worlds were fierce and flashy, with creative nods to golden-age sci-fi magazines and colorful space-opera cinema of the '70s.

Check out this mouth-watering gallery of stunning spaceship concept images, form-study illustrations and key frame art by AtomHawk Design, showcasing their soaring ideas for the Milano, Dark Aster, Kree Necrocraft, Yondu's fighter and such notable Guardians destinations as the Kyln, Knowhere and the Collector's Room.  AtomHawk's crew of artists spent over a year collaborating with Marvel's team to create much of the finished film's signature visuals, especially seen in the Milano, Kyln Prison and the crazy, celestial head space station, Knowhere.

Cruise through this impressive collection of vivid concept art and tell us which spacecraft you'd bravely bolt into battle with!

(Via Concept Art World)

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