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The Miniaturist promises foreboding supernatural dolls on PBS

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Jul 31, 2018, 12:03 PM EDT (Updated)

When PBS pops up in discussions, especially PBS Masterpiece, what comes to mind is far more Downton Abbey than Chucky. Grounded drama, British accents — this is what’s expected. But at a TCA panel for the franchise’s upcoming series The Miniaturist, per Deadline, spookiness took charge in flavoring the costume drama.

The series is set in Amsterdam during the 1600s, where Petronella (The Witch and Split’s Anya Taylor-Joy) is married to a rich man who provides her a tiny dollhouse that reflects their new marital home.

The dollhouse begins filling with objects and dolls that have some sort of magical power — one that allows them to echo the real-life drama bubbling up thanks to family issues and the general oppression one faces as a woman in the 1600s. In all, it makes the show sound like a real supernatural trip.

According to Deadline, the author of the book the series is based on, Jessie Burton, said that the story is “a comment on how we tell ourselves stories in order to survive... does she hold the key to her own fate, or does this miniaturist?” With period costumes (of course) and a similar take on candlelight to Taylor-Joy’s horror breakout The Witch, this production could certainly scratch a similar itch to the slow-burn historical scarefest — and with a similarly feminist message to boot.

The three-part thriller premieres on Sept. 9.

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