The Monster Squad at 30: The cast on first impressions and Rudy's smoking

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Aaron Sagers
Aug 15, 2017

"Wolf Man had to wear pants. It was the '40s. Otherwise you'd see his ... Wolf-Dork."

Our 30-year anniversary celebration of The Monster Squad continues as we speak with Andre Gower (Sean), Ashley Bank (Phoebe), and Ryan Lambert (Rudy) about their little creature feature that could.

In the video below, Andre and Ryan reminisce about the first day they met (at Debbie Gibson's birthday party, no less); Ryan takes pride in the fine (and now nearly dead) art of on-screen smoking; and Ashley recalls being the only girl on set ... and being treated rather sweetly by her "big brother" co-stars.

Watch below and let us know your own Monster Squad memories in the comments!