The most gif-able moments from that Jeff Goldblum/Taika Waititi livestream

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Oct 20, 2017, 3:04 PM EDT

Thor: Ragnarok isn't even out in theaters for another several days, but every bit of press the cast and director have been doing leading up to the November 3rd release date is, frankly, the gift that keeps on giving. 

No party involved with the making of the movie might be more entertaining, however, than actor Jeff Goldblum and director Taika Waititi - and the good folks over at Marvel UK decided it would somehow be a brilliant idea to put the two of them together for a Facebook livestream wherein they'd be able to answer fan questions. There was absolutely no way they could've foreseen this going off the rails, right? Maybe.

Either way, they gave us a 20-minute interview that was more dedicated to Goldblum posing random movie trivia questions and Waititi pulling amazing faces than actual Q&A time, but we can forgive these guys because they're just so entertaining. Below, our most gif-worthy moments from that Facebook Live sesh (which we made actual gifs of):

Taika definitely knows his angles.


Jeff taking his glasses off and listening intently like a real buddy.


The two of them breaking into their best impromptu rendition of a Grandmaster Flash song.


Answer on the count of three to prove they can mind-meld!


Taika still knows where that camera is (and gives The Office's Jim Halpert a run for his money).


Sometimes, you gotta take a break during a Facebook interview to spoon your BFF. (The only question is: who gets to be little spoon?)


There's never a bad time to reenact a scene from The Godfather, either.


A thumb war is declared, but it ends in a draw (and thumb-smoochin').


Jeff reveals the secret of where Thor's missing hair has been all along!


And, to wrap things up, one last snuggle for the road.


I think we can all agree here: these two are friendship goals.

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