Tom Cruise's aborted Funko POP! from The Mummy has become a collector's holy grail

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Jun 16, 2017, 6:12 PM EDT (Updated)

In a priceless example of the insanity that often engulfs our pop-culture-crazed world, the recalled Pop! Vinyl toy of Tom Cruise's Nick Morton in The Mummy has become the hottest collectible on the market.

It was first announced back in April that Funko was canceling the production of its squishy Tom Cruise toy due to licensing issues and Cruise's reluctance to sign off on his image. This was one of three Pop! releases from The Mummy, along with Sofia Boutella's Ahmanet, portrayed as both the Egyptian Princess and Mummy.


Apparently a few of these prized Cruise products were accidentally shipped and leaked into the retail market prematurely now that the movie has been released. These unlikely gems have been spotted at the online auction site Ebay and are commanding ridiculous prices in heated bidding wars. Word of the scarcity of the reclusive Nick Morton novelty has driven bids into the hundreds of dollars.

One auction has gathered 14 bids and currently stands at $430, with one day left, and another sits with a "Buy It Now" price of $599. That's quite a profit margin for a little $10 toy!

Will you join the insanity, or are you still upset over paying 10 bucks to see Cruise in the mediocre The Mummy movie?!

(Via Bloody Disgusting)