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The new American Horror Story: Cult credits are creeping with clowns, bees and political madness

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Aug 21, 2017

You know American Horror Story: Cult is going to be an uncensored, unmitigated horror show when even the opening credits are pure nightmare fodder.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk just released the opening credits for Season 7 on Twitter, and when you enter a scene featuring a creepy Christmas angel strumming a harp, you know you’ve just been dropped into hell.

Lurid greenish lighting makes everything that moves look like they just crawled out of the grave, though in some instances things really do crawl out of a grave, some of them being those creepy clowns that have been messing with your head again and again in the trailers and character shots. That chilling theme has now been warped to sound like background music for the type of circus that will gladly admit you under the big top but only let you leave in a coffin. Does this mean something of a Freak Show revival?

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The cult imagery really sucks you in if you catch it in before one scene disappears and the other consumes it in half the blink of an eye. Perhaps the most disturbing visuals of the hive mind — besides the obligatory shots of bees buzzing furiously and a nameless hand brushing over the swarm — are the blatantly political figurines and masks that may or not be oozing with blood. Never mind the glimpse of a bloodstained American flag that you almost miss between shots of clowns burying a body, clowns rising from the dead, clowns riding a carousel, and of course, clowns butchering things. But you might not miss it when it materializes again, each time with more fresh blood streaking down the stars and stripes. Especially when the rubber faces of politicians fresh out of a Halloween store are grinning at it unscathed.

The there’s the guy in the gas mask. No idea why a specter in a World War II-era gas mask is standing in the middle of a carousel except that he’s (predictably) holding a body.

Get the most out of that eerie green lighting by shutting all the other lights off (and inevitably turning them all back on for the rest of the night after it’s over) when AHS: Cult premieres on Sept. 5.

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