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The new Legends of Tomorrow trailer is a magical, technicolor fever dream

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Oct 16, 2018, 10:50 PM EDT

To say this next season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be interesting is... something of an understatement.

The trailer for the show's fourth season, which premieres on Monday, is a wild, colorful mishmash of magic, demons, and mayhem. As well as about a half-dozen horror-movie-inspired monsters, from Child's Play to Little Shop of Horrors. It also hints at the arrival of Swamp Thing — which is far and away the most normal thing that happens in the clip's two-minute runtime.

It's too over-the-top to accurately put into words. You should really check it out for yourself...

Now that Matt Ryan's John Constantine has been elevated to series regular, the show is clearly doubling down on the magical impulses it's been building up for a while.

When the series last left off, at the end of Season 3, the Legends were fresh off the defeat of the demon Mallus. Then Hellblazer himself shows up at their beach party with a decapitated dragon head and the unfortunate news that now many more demons have been flung across the timeline.

These demons include psychopathic fairy godmothers and unicorns freely impaling whatever human happens to cross their path, who are described as "the friendly ones."

With so much going on in Season 4, it's not much of a surprise that the time-traveling super-team will be sitting out the annual Arrowverse crossover. Though, on top of everything else they're dealing with, they will be crossing over with themselves.

The fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow premieres Monday, Oct. 22, on The CW. What are you most looking forward to?