The new trailer for Alien Invasion S.U.M.1 emerges from solitary confinement

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Nov 4, 2017, 2:45 PM EDT (Updated)

So if you can get past the name, which might remind all you ex-scene kids of the band Sum 41, Alien Invasion S.U.M.1 is a dark sci-fi thriller that could seriously mess with your head.

In a post-apocalyptic world where the Nonesuch have committed massive human carnage (S.U.M.1 must be counter to Nonesuch), the streets are infested with armored aliens that could obliterate the remnants of Earth’s almost extinct population. You know things are grim when a raven picks what looks suspiciously like a human eyeball out of an abandoned baby carriage.

Enter Private S.U.M.1, or someone, an unreal-looking character played by Iwan Rheon after he gasped his last breath as the sadistic lord Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. He is sent to hold down a remote outpost (forebodingly called Cerberus) that locks him away from the alien swarms—for one hundred days of isolation. You would slowly start to go insane, too, if a robotic voice commanded your every move until “wake up soldier, you’re on duty” was repeating in the back of your skull, and reported on every nano-step the Nonesuch took in the shadows. What if the monsters don’t exist? What if the Nonesuch aren’t real?


Ironically, this would have been the ideal punishment for Ramsay Bolton had he not been thrown to his own flesh-eating hounds.

What glimpses that can be seen of Rheon’s performance are intense, cerebral and may still still make you question your sanity. Extended time in solitary has him struggling between carrying out his duty or piecing together what fragments of his sanity are left. While this is a totally different movie from Alien or Prometheus, it has that same atmospheric feel of total darkness versus intense light that unnerves you with or without extraterrestrials.

Alien Invasion S.U.M.1 lands in theaters for a limited release and on VOD December 1. Don’t watch it alone.

(via io9)