The new trailer for Netflix’s demon-busting Diablero will possess you

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Nov 10, 2018, 4:44 PM EST (Updated)

How can you not see a demon leaping out of the darkness and right into your face? Netflix was unusually quiet about announcing its new horror film Diablero, which will swoop into streaming on December 21.

Maybe they wanted to dial down the horror around the holidays, when everything is supposed to be joyful and covered in glitter. Maybe someone in marketing is just really superstitious.

The forces of good and evil in Mexico City were balanced until the angels fled. Without angels to thwart them, demons have taken over and hold the entire city in their claws, but they have to face off against an undercover group of Diableros first. Meaning, people who can go so far as allowing themselves to get possessed just to fight these evil entities. Will they succeed or get dragged into to the fires of hell?

Diablero looks like Midnight, Texas meets The Exorcist, with plenty of flashing lights, shadowplay, and unearthly things jumping from the shadows, not to mention the whole phenomenon of demons inhabiting human bodies (one of them actually sees herself as a vessel for dark spirits).

Of course there has to be a priest. What’s a demon movie without a priest? Whether there is wine or blood in that communion goblet is debatable.

Oh, and that scene where one of the Diableros fights a demon in some sort of apocalyptic cage fight is wild. The regulations here obviously allow for you to get possessed so you eyes go complexly black and you take on powers that let you launch yourself into the air like gravity doesn’t exist, so long as you can destroy an enormous troll-like creature that wants to eat your soul.

While the film is in Spanish, it is subtitled. Even if you're not fluent, anyone who passed senior year Spanish in high school should be able to at least halfway understand it.

If you’re not really into the whole 25 days of smarmy family movies thing and would rather watch a holiday horror marathon, put this one on the naughty list.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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