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The new trailer for paranormal thriller Thelma will send shockwaves through you

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Sep 6, 2017

Ever wonder what Stranger Things’ Eleven will grow up to be? College student Thelma is like Eleven on steroids.

Imagine you’re trying to study in the library when you’re suddenly struck by a seizure so violent it has you writhing on the floor. You don’t even care that the entire student body is now staring at you because you just want to put an end to these unreal spasms. This is only the beginning of the horrors that will literally shake one woman's existence in the Norwegian film Thelma — horrors she is unable to hide from classmate Anja, whom she falls in love with but could end up being a danger to as the seizures increase to a level of intensity that could probably be measured on the Richter scale.

These seizures aren’t the symptom of any human disease (you probably figured that by now) but of supernatural abilities that will unearth something tragic and terrifying about her past. Was she born in a nuclear power plant? Injected with unspeakable things in government experiments? Zapped by radio waves in utero? No idea, but it’s probably something in that vein. They also mean plenty of explosive scenes that involve shattering glass, power outages, and a shot of Thelma in which she looks eerily like Eleven before she was rescued from her stint as a lab rat in that testing facility — just with hair.

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The film, whose new trailer dropped Wednesday, is Norway’s Oscar entry this year for Best Foreign Language Film. Directed and co-written by Joachim Trier and starring Eili Harboe, Okay Kaya, Henrik Rafaelsen, and Ellen Dorrit Petersen, it will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before its U.S. debut at Fantastic Fest, and then hit the New York Film Festival before it shocks theaters on Nov. 3.

Watch the trailer below and see if you don’t get tremors.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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