The next Game of Thrones: 9 fantasy book series just waiting to be a huge TV hit

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Networks are on the hunt for the next hit fantasy TV series, and we've got a few ideas.

This year, Game of Thrones hit new heights, becoming the most-watched original series in the history of HBO, and continuing its run as a full-blown pop culture smash. Given that news, it's no surprise that other networks are looking for their own fantasy properties that will hopefully capture the same kind of public interest. In the last month alone, we've heard about a new network for Neil Gaiman's long-gestating American Gods series, a pilot order for Syfy's adaptation of The Magicians, and a straight-to-series order for MTV's adaptation of Terry Brooks' classic fantasy saga Shannara.

Fantasy stories with established readerships are hot commodities in the TV world right now, and as we've seen from Game of Thrones, the longform nature of television is also an appealing alternative to cramming these often massive novels into two-and-a-half hours (or less) of screentime in a movie. 

So, American GodsThe Magicians, and Shannara are all heading our way, and various other series have already snagged recent film and TV options that could produce results in the near future. But what about the other books? What about those fantasy series that have either suffered from lapsed film and TV options, or no options at all? We went looking for epic fantasy sagas from the book world that we think could be transformed into great fantasy TV series, and put a few of our favorites in the gallery below. Take a look, and let us know which fantasy series you'd like to see make the leap to television next.

(Header image: Cover art from The Wheel of Time Book 3, The Dragon Reborn. Art by Darrell Sweet.)