The Nun, Taissa Farmiga
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The Nun director says he had a real-life haunted encounter on set of Conjuring prequel

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Jul 24, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

When The Nun’s director and cast showed up at Comic-Con’s ScareDiego this year, they weren’t just there to premiere footage. They were there to set a mood. That was helped by director Corin Hardy’s terrifying tale of shooting a scene in some ancient Romanian castle’s hallway.

Flanked by actresses Taissa Farmiga and Ingrid Bisu, as well as writer Gary Dauberman, Hardy explained that while filming a scene with a tough camera move that needed to flip and spin as one of the nuns walked down this pitch-black hallway (filled with crucifixes, no less), he had a paranormal experience of his own. SYFY WIRE saw the scene briefly in the footage that was shown at ScareDiego, but the story Hardy told was even spookier.

Hardy was off the main hallway in a cell, with only one way in and out, in order to watch the take on his monitor. As he entered the cell, he saw two crew members sitting in the back of the cell. Hardy believed they were sound guys, but it was too dark to recognize faces. So when he turned his back to them in order to watch the shot progress, he wasn’t thinking anything other than that he had a few co-workers with him.

And when the take actually worked and Hardy turned around to celebrate...and nobody was there...he was understandably freaked out. And this wasn’t even in a church! The Nun brought its spookiness to every deep, dark corridor of Romanian architecture, so if only 50 percent of that translates to the screen, we’ve got one scary film in store when it hits theaters on September 7.