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The Nun originally had a very different ending for one character

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Sep 10, 2018, 3:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Warner Bros.' new horror flick The Nun grossed over $130 million in its opening weekend, including over $50 million in the U.S. alone. Its pre-sales were through the roof and it may wind up being the highest grossing movie in The Conjuring series so far.

And one of the reasons for that, at least from a market research standpoint, is the little French Canadian who could, Frenchie.

**Spoiler alert: There are plenty of spoilers for The Nun below**

Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet, is a young, French-Canadian living in Romania in the 1950s. He's the first to discover a decaying nun that's been hanged by the throat, which kicks off the mystery that Father Burke and Sister Irene need to unravel.

Before the movie hit theaters, SYFY WIRE asked Bloquet about the character, seeking to understand how he figured out and fleshed out Frenchie.

"My character evolved a lot during the shooting," says Bloquet. "We shot the first version in Romania and then we did a lot of reshoots in Los Angeles months after because they tested the movie and Frenchie worked pretty well with the audience. So they decided to evolve it and to change so that he becomes a cool, hero type of guy."

And, if you've seen the movie (AND THIS IS A PLACE WHERE WE TALK ABOUT REAL SPOILERS, BY THE WAY), you know that The Nun ends by showing that Frenchie has a mark of possession on him and that, ultimately, he dies because of that possession.

But Frenchie was originally going to die in the movie. "In the first version of the script I was supposed to become real possessed; I was supposed to become a demon, but they changed it," reveals Bloquet.

One of the aspects of The Nun some people did not like, however, was the attempted romance between Frenchie and Taissa Farmiga's Sister Irene. So I asked Jonas if he thought there was any chance Frenchie and Sister Irene could wind up together.

"I think there's no way that's gonna happen. She's too committed and she's a faithful character. She loves God and that's her life now."

So if you were unhappy with that plot, the good news is that, in the eventuality of a The Nun 2, chance are it'll be dropped.

And speaking of dropped, The Nun director, Corin Hardy, tried (but was unable) to get a new movie made based on the comic book character, The Crow. And, it turns out, Bloquet was supposed to be involved with that project, too.

"I had the audition and I was so pissed off when I heard he was off the movie because he worked so hard on it," Bloquet said. "He showed me so many scrapbooks and storyboard setups. It's a shame."

Fortunately, it seems like everyone is game for another The Nun movie and, with a $130 million opening weekend, it's likely they'll get it.