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The official Godzilla store is almost ready to stomp on Tokyo

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Sep 27, 2017

If you don’t have enough reasons to visit Tokyo already (anime bars! all-night karaoke! the most epic cosplay convention in the universe!), here’s one more: There will actually be a Godzilla store rising out of the bowels of the earth next month on the day before Halloween.

No tricks — this is really a treat for the kaiju-obsessed. Godzilla Store Tokyo will stomp into Shinjuku and take over the Shinjuku Toho Building with Godzilla, Godzilla, and more Godzilla. There is no more appropriate lair for this store to inhabit since Toho mutated the creature with atomic breath and skyscraper-stomping feet into an international phenomenon. Tokyo already has a Godzilla hotel, so this was inevitably going to happen.

Toho CGO (Chief Godzilla Officer) of the “Godzilla Strategy Conference” (aka Godzygon) Keiji Ota just presented some tantalizing images. There is one of what the store will look like once it opens its jaws, which is surprisingly as unlike a trashed city or primordial swamp as you can get, and another of a Godzilla-fied Visa card (no word on whether you can get Godzilla on your credit card if you live outside Japan).

"We will constantly be releasing information about the new Godzilla store until it opens, and grow into an evolving shop loved by people of all ages," Mr. Ota announced at Godzygon.

The opening of the store looms over the cinematic release of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters on Nov. 17. You’ll also have to be in Japan if you want to see that before it tramples the rest of the planet.

Over 500 different breeds of monster merchandise will range from action figures to T-shirts to traditional Japanese teacups. There’s even a collaboration with Sanrio rising from the deep. Many are limited-edition and some are store exclusives, so get your passport ready. 



Wear this seriously creepy Shin Godzilla T-shirt when you don’t want to be messed with. That could be every day.



This limited-edition Godzilla action figure is splattered with blood, probably from eating everything else on the shelf.


Even something as serene as tea can mutate into fire-blasting evil.

(via Kotaku)


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