The origin of the Darksaber finally revealed in new Star Wars: Rebels clip

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Jan 16, 2017, 9:10 AM EST

The insanely cool Darksaber has become a fascinating little piece of Star Wars lore, largely because it just looks really cool. What's the real history of this jet-black lightsaber?

The origin of the Darksaber has finally been revealed in a first-look clip at the next episode of Star Wars: Rebels. We already knew the saber had a connection to the Mandalorian people, and it turns out it was created 1,000 years ago by the first Mandalorian member of the Jedi order. It was stolen by Mandalorian leaders and used to rule their people by various factions, and it's now fallen into the hands of Sabine Wren.

The exact origin of the lightsaber is left a little vague, though it is confirmed that Ta Vizsla created it — though the Mandalorians never actually made any other lightsabers. The exact creation of the Darksaber, and how it's (you know) black, isn't revealed. At least we're finally starting to peel back the layers.

Star Wars: Rebels airs Saturdays on Disney XD.

Check out the below clip, released as part of the official online Rebels Recon companion show, at approximately the 5:30 mark: