The original five head into battle in four-page preview of X-Men Blue #1

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Mar 16, 2017, 5:39 PM EDT

Next month, Marvel Comics will launch two brand-new X-Men team books as part of ResurreXion, the publishing initiative set to launch numerous new titles for both the Inhumans and the X-Men in the wake of the Inhumans vs. X-Men event. Last week we got a preview of X-Men Gold from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Adrian Syaf, and now we're getting a fully lettered look at the first four pages of the companion book: X-Men Blue.

While Gold focuses on a team of classic X-Men from the Chris Claremont era -- incuding Kiitty Pryde, Storm and Nightcrawler -- Blue will revisit the original five-person X-team of Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl. These are the X-Men from the early days of the Xavier School who were bought forward in time by present-day Beast in All-New X-Men back in 2012, and now they're off on new adventures fighting to keep Professor Xavier's dream alive in the new series from writer Cullen Bunn (Monsters Unleashed) and artist Jorge Molina (A-Force). 

“Without these original five there would be no X-Men,” Senior Editor Mark Paniccia said. “The adventures Cullen Bunn and company have in store for them will excite fans of any X-Men team, touching on familiar themes and fresh twists on classic villains.”

The creative team and the very idea of a new team book focusing on the original five is enticing enough, but we also got to see lettered pages from this issue today, something these previews don't always offer. And, well, they look and sound like the original X-Men. Cyclops is being a killjoy, Bobby's making jokes, Beast is doing science stuff, Warren's obsessing over a yacht, and to add an extra wrinkle to this new series, this time Jean gets to be the one in charge. Plus, I would never have called Black Tom Cassidy as the first villain who showed up in this book. That's fun.

Check out the preview in the gallery below. X-Men Blue #1 hits stores on April 12.