The original Thor finally returns in new Marvel Comic series Unworthy Thor

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Jul 7, 2016, 6:29 PM EDT

Marvel’s flagship Mighty Thor comic has had Jane Foster wielding the hammer for a while now, but the original Odinson is about to make a comeback. Just don’t expect him to reclaim that Mjolnir anytime soon.

According to io9, Marvel is preparing to launch the new ongoing series Unworthy Thor, which will see the original Thor get back on the path toward being a hero, after being deemed unworthy (and subsequently giving up his mantle to Foster) in the wake of Original Sin. Helmed by Mighty Thor writer Jason Aaron and artist Olivier Coipel, the new series will chronicle Thor’s escape from the Collector and his journey to be worthy once again. The report also notes he’ll have his own hammer with some connections to the pre-Secret Wars universe (the Ultimate universe hammer, perhaps?).

Here’s what Aaron told io9 about the new series, which will serve as a companion ‘book to Mighty Thor:

“Well, you know, I think we kind of did from the get-go, when we made the previous Thor unworthy while as is fit, you know, this wasn’t about casting him aside or giving up his story— it was giving him a very specific story of his own. So you saw that in the pages of the previous volume of Thor, then, of course, along came Thors, and it went away for awhile, then came back, and four at a time— few months, it finally came back.

I decided to focus in on Jane in a big way and left it as a mystery. What had happened to him. Where he’d been, what he was up to— you know, it was only in issue five of The Mighty Thor that we got a tease of where he was. This was always kind of the next part of his story. I just like the mystery of leaving him off he table for awhile. And we could bring him back in a very big way.”

Unworthy Thor is set to his comic shelves this fall. 

Are you glad to see Odinson finally get his own book once again?


(Via io9)