Exclusive: The Osiris Child races through a desert dystopia in this action-packed sneak peek

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Sep 19, 2017

Sci-fi Aussie import The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One is a no-holds-barred seriocomic mashup that rides, soars, and shoots laser beams somewhere in deep space, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak peek at its action-packed dystopia. 

In trying to save his daughter from the clutches of the evil empire of EXOR, Kane (Daniel McPherson) urges renegade Gyp (Isabel Lucas) to gun their clunker of a truck faster and faster through the sands of what could easily be an unexplored region of Star Wars' Tatooine. Meanwhile, a little girl curls up, face to her knees, in the back to avoid being seen on any sort of superlenses or X-ray vision. This is the future after all.

The Osiris Child dawns at a time when humans have become the interplanetary species Elon Musk dreams of us turning into. Kane is a lieutenant at the command of off-world military contractor EXOR until it sparks a global crisis. After running into a drifter named Sy (Kellan Lutz), the unlikely team joins forces with rogues Gyp and Bill (Luke Ford) to save Kane’s young daughter (Teagan Croft) while fighting off both EXOR and vicious extraterrestrials.

Along the way, the ragtag crew’s adventures take them to a stint in an alien prison and happy hour at what could have been the Mos Eisley cantina in a parallel universe. The only difference is that most of the clientele at least look like homo sapiens.

The Osiris Child is available now exclusively on DIRECTV, and then swoops into theaters Oct. 6. Watch the exclusive clip above and hang on for a turbulent ride.

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