Expand your mind with new The Outer Limits Blu-ray set

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Jun 10, 2017, 3:12 PM EDT (Updated)

In observing people's strongly held opinions, one quickly discovers that personal tastes often fall into two distinct camps. Star Wars or Star Trek. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Ford or Chevy. Marvel or DC.

Nowhere is this line more delineated than the endless debate over which '60s sci-fi anthology show was the best, The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. For my money it was most definitely The Outer Limits.

Seeing it Saturday afternoons in syndication during the '70s, its eerie opening freaked me out, with the Control Vice commanding me to be obedient to my seemingly malfunctioning TV set and accept the strange journey I was about to embark upon. Produced in stark black and white, it had a more serious-minded approach to the genre material that was compelling and provocative. While The Twilight Zone often drifted into light fantasy, The Outer Limits delved into some hardcore sci-fi topics like interdimensional beings, genetically created monsters, time travel, invisibility, mental telepathy and extraterrestrial invasion.


A new HD release of all two seasons of The Outer Limits is coming from Kino Lorber for the first time, and rest assured that there will be "nothing wrong with your television set" as you remain glued to all 49 episodes that were originally broadcast on ABC from 1963 to 1965. This new Blu-ray series is being replicated using fresh HD masters and will be offered in two box sets. Season 1 (32 episodes – 8 discs) will enter our domain sometime this fall, with Season 2 (17 episodes – 5 discs) planned for early 2018.

Here's the official description:

Misused inventions, interplanetary communication, and warped time peculiarities permeate the 1960s science fiction anthology program “The Outer Limits.” Created by Leslie Stevens, the program gained a rabid cult following and influenced a myriad of sci-fi that would follow, including a second “Outer Limits” series in the 1990s. This is the complete collection of all episodes of the original series. Staring Leslie Stevens, Joseph Stefano, Harlan Ellison, Robert Towne, and more.

Do you have any favorite Outer Limits episodes, or are you a diehard Twilight Zone faithful?

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