The Pawn Stars passed up the chance to buy Christopher Reeve's Superman suit

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Pawn Stars is a History Channel show where costumers bring unique objects to a popular pawn shop—The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop—to purchase or reject, based on their negotiations. And as we’ve seen since its debut in 2009, some objects are more unique than others.

In a recent episode, a collector named Nader arrived to sell the suit worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 film Superman, along with the crystal Superman used to create the Fortress of Solitude. 

Nader had purchased the items in an auction over four years ago. An expert, brought in by pawn stars Rick Harrison and Corey Harrison, valued suit and crystal together at $250,000.

In the segment, below, you can see the negotiations play out between Nader and the Harrisons—who ultimately passed on the purchase. This is where we learned that Reeve had gained 20 pounds in muscle in order to look good in the suit. (Note: It worked.)

And now we know something we didn’t know before: The owner of Christopher Reeve’s Super Suit is looking for $250,000 for the item. 

If we had Lex Luthor’s bank account, we’d be contacting the owner right now.

Note: $250,000 is a bargain compared to the $3.2 million a buyer spent on Action Comics #1, which was Superman's first apperance.

(Via io9)