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The Pet Sematary remake killed a Shining Easter egg, but there's still plenty of Stephen King nods left

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Feb 7, 2019, 3:51 PM EST (Updated)

In April, Paramount Pictures will do its best to terrorize audiences once again with a remake of Stephen King's 1983 horror novel, Pet Sematary.

Since we are living in the middle of a King Renaissance, the filmmakers couldn't resist including a number of references (aka "Easter eggs") to some of the writer's other iconic works. Like H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos, King's shared universe of monsters, aliens, and unspeakable entities that go bump in the night is just too rich to ignore.

When it was established that there would be nods to the wider King macrocosm, the production department ran wild with the idea, but not all of their creations ended up making the cut. 

“The art department has had a blast on this one,” co-director, Kevin Kölsch, told /Film. “They almost went too far, where they were showing us a sign that was like D. Torrance Realty [in reference to Danny Torrance, the kid from The Shining], and we’re like, 'no.' Because it can’t be that. It’s not like Danny Torrance went and opened up a realtor company in Ludlow, Maine.”

A grown-up Danny Torrance will make an appearance in Mike Flanagan's film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, which finds an emotionally-scarred Danny using his abilities to soothe mental patients. Don't worry, though, because it was his cousin, Jackie from Hulu's Castle Rock (played by Jane Levy) who got into the real estate game.

Even though that Shining Easter egg was rejected, however, there will be plenty of little nods here and there for astute King fans. 

"We were like, we’re going to have Easter eggs, but they have to be accurate and they have to be organic," added the project's other director, Dennis Widmyer. "So we actually turned down a lot of Easter eggs, but we put in a lot of good ones that you’re going to have to find…It’s stuff that would be in the world. That’s in the book. Smaller things that are happening in the background of our world or in the subtext of conversations.”

“Like, Carrie‘s not going to show up,” Kölsch joked.

You can keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked for the eggs when Pet Sematary opens in theaters April 5.