The plan to reach Mars might be shaky, by NASA can still make some gorgeous space tourism posters

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Feb 9, 2016

With reality looking gloomier by the day, NASA has decided to try and lift our spirits with some stunning space tourism posters. Which is great, but c’mon, guys, let's keep the focus on actually getting there first.

The Verge reports Seattle design firm Invisible Creature has released three new, NASA-commissioned space travel posters. The art will reportedly be used in a 2016 calendar that will be given to NASA staff and government officials. For those of us not on Big Space’s payroll, prints can be purchased at the design firm’s website.

One poster focuses on “The Grand Tour” of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune; another is all about getting to Mars; and the last is a stunning piece promoting Enceladus (Home of “Cold Faithful”). They all have a pop-art, retro-future vibe and would look stellar hanging on a wall (for real).

As cool as this is, it’s also frustrating. NASA keeps its eyes on the stars but can’t seem to put a functioning plan together that will actually get us there. They produce posters that evoke the unstoppable will of the Space Race without actually showing that will. Yes, the budget issues are huge, but NASA needs to find a way to get a project off the ground that will generate some excitement. If Mars is a bit too ambitious at the moment to safely attempt, let's test out that tech with another moonshot. Let’s just focus on a goal we can actually achieve.

Check out the poster designs below and let us know what you think:

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