The potentially great Nightmare on Elm Street reboot that could’ve been

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Mar 9, 2016

Back before the fairly awful 2010 reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street hit the big screen, Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema were considering a very different spin on the franchise — which actually sounds pretty great.

Bloody Disgusting reports that French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside) were originally being courted to revitalize the slasher classic in 2008, before the studio opted for a more traditional (and terrible) beat-for-beat remake. The duo wanted to take the franchise in a darker direction, by giving it a horror Goonies vibe, with Freddy stalking actual children. Not, you know, 30-somethings playing college kids.

Here’s an excerpt from their comments:

“Our idea of a good remake is to have a new vision on the same thematics. Here it was to really use the fact that Krueger is a child molester. So the idea was to have a twisted version of the ‘Goonies’ with a bunch of kids being stalked. We thought it would have been great for a remake to switch the teenagers of the original with real kids. Beside childhood is the moment in life when you are truly and deeply frightened by nightmares, when you’re not able to see the difference between reality and dreams…”

That sounds, well, positively terrifying. In a good way (mostly). It plays on the scarier parts of what make the character so menacing, and would've actually offer up something unique to the horror genre — as opposed to the cliche-riddled mess we actually got.

What do you think of the pitch? Would you like to see this story?

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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