The Powerpuff Girls are getting a fourth member

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Sep 6, 2017, 4:24 PM EDT (Updated)

There comes a time in every superteam’s career when they are shaken to their very core and changed forever: When the Avengers found Captain America. When the X-Men lost Jean Grey. When the Teen Titans were betrayed by Terra.

Later this month, the legendary heroes known as The Powerpuff Girls will have one such monumental moment, when Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup add a fourth member to their roster. Set to debut in the first episode of the five-part The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four, the as-of-yet-unrevealed member will presumably be adding to the mix of sugar, spice, everything nice, and Chemical X, with her own brand of girl-powered justice.


But who is this mysterious new member? It isn’t the first time the girls have had an extra teammate. In the original series, they created a fourth themselves, whom they named Bunny, but her makeup was unstable and her superhero career ended swiftly and tragically (or as tragically as this show gets, at least).

So will the new girl be a resurrected Bunny? Or an entirely new someone whose name starts with the letter "B"? Brunette? Banana? Brutus? Your guess is as good as mine.

We’ll find out the new girl’s identity — and whether she’ll be sticking around — when The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four debuts on Cartoon Network on Sept. 17, but leave us your best guess as to her identity in the comments below! I’ll be over here brainstorming B words.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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