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The Predator's Funko figures tease new take on Predator Hounds

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have called the Predator species a group of ugly... well, an ugly lot, but with the new Funko Pops released for The Predator — Shane Black’s upcoming reboot of the sci-fi action franchise — there’re some reveals that are too cute even for his grumpy one-liners.

We’re talking about the Predator Hounds. Alongside a few figures called “Fugitive Predator” and “Assassin Predator” (is this movie about a Predator so bad he’s considered a criminal on the Predator world?) are these cute Predator puppies, which will no doubt be used like prison guard dogs to hunt down the fugitive -- and any human that gets in the way. We'd think the big-screen versions will be a bit scarier.

Check them out:

The Predator Hound Funko

Source: Funko

The Predator Hound 2 Funko

Source: Funko

These guys are much cuter than those that appeared in Predators — which are pretty awful — taking more of their design from the Ghostbusters' Terror Dogs. There’s even a heat-vision one:

The Predator Hound Heat Vision Funko

Source: Funko

These dogs were added in the film’s reshoots, which make the case that the film made some solid creative strides after the first pass. The figures are coming this fall, while The Predator will hunt audiences on Sept. 14.