The Prince of Darkness lives in 21 creepy Dracula comic book covers

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Oct 16, 2014

Take a spooky trip through Dracula's fang-tastic comic-book history.

For more than a century now, Dracula's been an inescapable part of popular culture, from the novel that introduced us all to the immortal count, to films starring the likes of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, to TV series, videogames, spinoff and sequel novels and, yes, even comic books. In his four-color adventures the Prince of Darkness has seduced noble ladies, battled werewolves and gone toe to toe with everyone from Apocalypse to the Silver Surfer. Over the decades, comics have taken Dracula to places where his movies and novels never could, all while maintaining his monstrous appeal.

We've already visited werewolves in comics this Halloween, and now it's Dracula's turn. Take a look at more than 20 spooky, gruesome and strange comics covers featuring the Count in the gallery below. Just, you know, watch your neck. 

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