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The Punisher S2 reportedly retaining more viewers than other Marvel shows, but still down

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Jan 24, 2019, 4:32 PM EST

Every report about Netflix viewership numbers must come with its own grain-of-salt asterisk, since the red-letter streaming giant is capricious in how it shares data. But a new report suggests that Season 2 of The Punisher is outperforming previous Marvel shows — even Daredevil — when it comes to luring back viewers after the debut buzz has faded.

In conjunction with analytics firm Jumpshot, Business Insider explored available streaming data to find that The Punisher’s viewership appeared to fall by 40 percent in the second weekend following its Jan. 18 debut. And while a second-week dropoff is to be expected for any show, The Punisher’s post-release sag indicates it’s so far got more staying power than Daredevil’s Season 3 or Luke Cage’s Season 2.

Both Daredevil and Luke Cage, along with Iron Fist, all saw second-week dips of more than 60 percent in their followup seasons. “Viewership for Luke Cage and Iron Fist in their first weekends dropped 63 percent and 69 percent from their first to second seasons, respectively,” the reports states, adding that Daredevil “dropped 61 percent from its second to third season.”

With only The Punisher and Jessica Jones left standing amid the rubble of Netflix’s other canceled Marvel shows, and with Disney moving to launch its own streaming competitor, it seems likely that the typical rules tying a show’s popularity to its longevity don’t necessarily apply with Netflix’s Marvel shows. But if The Punisher’s survival at Netflix does somehow hinge on how popular its second season is with viewers, then this new data can only be an encouraging sign for Frank Castle fans.

Even if the writing on the wall means we may not get additional seasons of The Punisher at Netflix, there’s plenty of time to take in what’s already out there. You can catch both seasons of The Punisher, including Frank’s Season 2 battle with Jigsaw and John Pilgrim, at Netflix right now.