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The Purge moves their story to the small screen at SDCC

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Jul 22, 2018, 4:43 PM EDT (Updated)

For one hour at San Diego Comic-Con, all crime was... well, it was still illegal, but that doesn't mean the cast and creators of The Purge TV series didn't arrive in room 6BCF to talk about the new series. On hand to talk about the film-to-TV transition were The First Purge star Lex Scott Davis and series cast members Gabriel Chavarria (Miguel), Amanda Warren (Jane), and Fiona Dourif (Tavis). Joining them were Blumhouse founder Jason Blum, Purge creator James DeMonaco, producers Thomas Kelly and Brad Fuller, and series director Anthony Hemmingway.

The panel started with a discussion on the First Purge. DeMonaco said that "Election Year was the end of a trilogy, so when the fourth movie came about, it was natural for us to try and tell the origins of how this started."

They then showed the trailer for the upcoming series, shown below.

The show takes place in between the second and third movies, about a decade after the events of The First Purge. Series director Anthony Hemmingway was excited with how open the creative process could be. "It was like having your own art project. Anything was possible. We were able to tap into a lot of things in today's social climate and paint them on this big canvas." Kelly added, "The good thing with the series is that you don't have to see any of the movies to get into this TV show, but if you ARE a fan of the movies, we paid you respect and have easter eggs popping in the episodes."

The cast gave us a little insight into their characters. Gabriel plays Miguel, a U.S. marine. He has an edge but is on a noble mission. He gets a letter from his sister and tries to find her before the Purge starts. Amanda is Jane, a passionate workhorse who, after getting pushed too far at her job, hires a "Purge assassin." Finona is Good Leader Tavis, a "benevolent, passionate woman of faith who helps her disciples kill themselves on Purge night."

They then showed a clip from the first episode, where Good Leader Tavis sends one of her teenage followers to his death at the hands of masked Purgers. From the look and tone of the clip, the outrageous violence will be transitioning to the television show from the films.

When asked about things to look forward to during the season, Gabriel said that fans will be excited to see "The Gauntlet," which from what he said is "American Ninja Warrior of Death."

With each Purge project, the world keeps on getting bigger and bigger, from its beginnings in a family's home to now covering multiple storylines with diverse characters. Thanks to this series, it looks like it's only going to get bigger.

The Purge, a 10-episode event, premieres simultaneously September 4 on SYFY and the USA Network.

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