The Rain teaser drops new Netflix take on the post-apocalypse

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Mar 22, 2018, 9:07 PM EDT (Updated)

Life-ending plagues and teenage character ensembles make for demonstrably durable TV binge fodder, but Netflix’s new take on the post-apocalypse in The Rain, an original series set to debut this spring, aims to splash that tried and true formula with a neat new twist.

The first-ever original series to hit Netflix by way of Denmark, The Rain focuses on a band of teenagers who have only each other to rely on as they make their way through an impressively abandoned landscape, scavenging for survival while trying to avoid the very threat that wiped out nearly everyone else.

The source of that threat is perhaps The Rain’s biggest hook, and if you’ve guessed by now that it comes in the form of…well, the rain, then all the effort that must have gone into nailing the show’s title wasn’t wasted. The trailer may be short on exposition, but it’s definitely a mood-setter:

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The aesthetic seems to add a layer of Scandinavian techno-sheen to the more conventionally grimy horror vibe of, say, The Walking Dead. These kids had it good in the pre-apocalypse, and the clip emphasizes how jarring the contrast is between the first-world problems they once knew, and the hellish struggle for survival the plague has handed them.

Netflix explains that the virus that’s killed humanity off is lurking in the clouds, having precipitated all those mass casualties through the simple mechanic of precipitation itself. The protagonist siblings who introduce us to the story haven’t looked to the sky in the years since the plague hit, and have remained together in a bunker where a roof over their heads has taken on new significance.

Beyond that, we don’t know much else — but we won’t have to wait long before the clouds part and we can start bingeing. All eight episodes of The Rain’s debut season come storming onto the streaming service beginning May 4.