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The real reason Nora resents Iris revealed in an emotional new Flash

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Oct 31, 2018, 5:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Ever since showing up in 2018, Nora has made no secret about her problems with her mother — and now we finally know why she resents Iris so much. Turns out she has a decent reason for all those cold shoulders.

Spoilers ahead for “News Flash,” the latest episode of The CW’s The Flash, which aired Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018.

Iris has spent the past several episodes trying to form a bond with her future daughter (gotta love sci-fi), only to be rebuffed pretty much every time along the way. Cooking a terrible breakfast won her no praise this week, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Up to this point, her problems with Iris seems to simply revolve around the fact that Iris had to raise her alone and that caused some resentment along the way, but an emotional turn in “News Flash” revealed the real reason:

Iris put a power inhibitor in Nora, and never told her she had speedster powers.

It explains why Nora is still so green when it comes to her abilities, since she’s literally only had them for the past six months (much of which she spent in the past secretly following around Barry last season). It also gives Nora a legitimate beef with her mother. Obviously, we don’t know the reason Iris would do something so extreme — though it can be assumed she didn’t come to the decision lightly. A parallel in the A-story this week had Iris forced to tranquilize a brainwashed Nora to prevent her from killing Barry (again, gotta love that sci-fi), and that opens her up to the perspective that parents sometimes have to make really, really tough calls to protect their kids.

Of course, it doesn’t explain why she never told Nora about her abilities when she became an adult, which seems like a fair question from Nora’s perspective. But why would Iris do it? Is there a speedster killing baddie on the prowl in the future? Or did she simply want to try and save her daughter from the same fate as (future) Barry? We just don’t know. Barry finally steps into the fray to tell Nora he supports whatever Iris decides to do — be it in the past, future, or anywhen else. You can feel the look of betrayal on Nora’s face, so she heads to (Papa) Joe’s to crash in the interim.

Another lingering question about this reveal ties back to Nora’s conversation with Sherloque at the end of last week — if Iris didn’t tell Nora she had powers, then who did? Was it the same person who pushed her to travel back in time to meet Barry in the first place? The more pieces start to fall in the place, you have to wonder if the back half of the season might reveal a true big bad who has been pulling these strings all along. Could it be the return of someone like Eobard Thawne? Resurrected through some McGuffin of the Speed Force, and tipping events toward some unforeseen end? No clue, but something to chew on moving forward.

Assorted musings

The Flash Barry

*The introduction of the media hungry blogger, Spencer, had a lot of potential but seemed to get the short end of the storytelling stick. A baddie who manipulates the news for fame? Yeah, it’s not hard to think of some modern day parallels in our world that could’ve been mined for some narrative heft. Instead, Spencer is fairly one-note, with the story turning its eye toward the Iris-Nora conflict (understandably) instead. It seems like a missed opportunity, but hey, there’s only so many minutes in an episode.

*We also get a step closer to finding Cicada, and it seems he and his dagger could’ve gotten metahuman powers together. That’s right: technology can now be infected with metahuman abilities, thanks to DeVoe and his “enlightenment” last season. It’s how Spencer brainwashed people, and it seems to be how Cicada can suck the superpowers out of a room with his dagger.

*It seemed like Sherloque and Ralph were destined to butt heads for a while, but they found some begrudging respect for one another this week. Sherloque builds on one of Ralph’s leads to figure out that Cicada’s lungs are damaged, which is why he wears his breathing mask. it’s also why he makes that creepy, wheezing sound all the time. The team of Sherloque and Ralph is a fun one, here’s hoping we see more of that dynamic.

*Take the superpowers away, and yeah, Barry Allen looks to still be a crap athlete. Seeing Barry sideline his super-speed and play some regular ol’ softball was hilarious.

Next week: It looks like the Halloween episode drops a week late, as the team faces off with a new baddie that looks like a cross between The Ring and The Exorcist?

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