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Holy HD, Batman! Remastered Batman: The Animated Series opening titles totally pop

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Sep 5, 2018, 1:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Any ‘90s kids who spent their afternoons watching Batman: The Animated Series (towel cape optional) must remember those epic opening credits, but maybe both our memories and the animation from 1992 have gotten blurry. However you remember the Batmobile zooming through Gotham City and the Caped Crusader electrified by lightning on the roof of a skyscraper, though, you have never seen them like this.

Fans who can’t wait to snag the remastered Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray box set with their batarangs — or stream it even earlier on DC’s all-new streaming service, DC Universe — are getting the ultimate Batsignal of what is coming. DC has released the remastered credits, which will give you a "Holy HD, Batman!" reaction from the moment those iconic headlights flash.

As IGN's comparison video below clearly shows, everything is just so much more intense when remastered. Every line is crisper, every angle sharper, every color more saturated to bring out even the darkest alleys of Gotham. Stark contrasts between light and shadow upgrade the Art Deco aesthetic of the series to an unreal level. When the Batmobile takes off, the light reflected on its curves gives it a 3D illusion.

The defining moment of this whole thing has to be that lightning scene. The sky flashes from blood red to cloudy gray with a crackle of white-hot lightning that illuminates the Joker's nemesis, standing as resolute as ever with his eyes glowing behind the cowl, cloak waving in the air. Now that is majestic.

If you subscribe to DC Universe before Sept. 10, not only will you get exclusive access to the entire remastered series before everyone else, but you'll also be entered in a Bat-everything giveaway that includes the ultimate Hollywood Batman experience with a trip to L.A., including a tour of Warner Bros.' studio and DC's offices in Burbank.

Batman: The Animated Series in HD will finally swoop into DC Universe Oct. 15, and onto Blu-ray Oct. 30.

(via io9)

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