The reviews for Marvel's Inhumans TV series are not great

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Sep 1, 2017, 4:09 PM EDT

Marvel's latest series Inhumans has already been getting inhuman (ahem) reviews, and most humans haven’t even had a chance to watch it yet. Critics are saying the series, which was originally supposed to swoop onto the big screen before being revamped for TV, is not great. Not even good, really.

Despite a splashy premiere on IMAX, critics seem convinced that turning the project into a TV series gave it no special powers. Digital Spy believes that after the rush to morph the movie project into something else, it pretty much lost its Inhuman gene like Maximus, there was no paranormal ability that could save it from doom.

“We'll never know what the planned movie version of Inhumans might've been like,” they wondered, “but it's hard to imagine it could've been any less impressive than this…Inhumans is – as many had anticipated – the weakest entry in the MCU to date.”

Others who anticipated the the zap-pow-boom they have come to expect from Marvel (especially in IMAX) left unimpressed because they felt it flatlined on them.

“With its groundbreaking use of IMAX, Inhumans should have been event television,” said Fandom. “Instead, it plays safe and makes an opening chapter to a series that is largely stripped of personality and flair. In concentrating on making a splash with its IMAX premiere, it refuses to push boundaries in other, more important areas. Sadly, that means a lackluster beginning to a series that was meant to wow.

The Guardian minced no words, saying Inhumans is destined to be the "TV disaster of the year." Ouch.

Birth.Movies.Death pointed out the two-hour pilot sets up "a show made entirely of baffling, wrong-headed decisions that actively work against capturing your interest."

Wired noted the show is not nearly impressive enough to warrant a pricy IMAX ticket:

"It's just ... there, asking if you'll kindly pay upwards of $20 to see a super-sized version of the first two episodes of a network television show. The answer to that entreaty, for most people, is likely 'nah.'"

ShowBuzz Daily even dealt a punch to the visuals.

Despite the IMAX cameras, the pilot is a visual bust, one that would be unexciting on a screen measured in dozens of inches, let alone dozens of feet… Since a TV budget is a tiny fraction of what Marvel spends on its movies, the action sequences are pitiful compared to what IMAX screens usually showcase.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the imminent defeat of Inhumans before it swoops into IMAX theaters this weekend ahead of its ABC debut on September 29 . Not all the reviews have landed yet, so there may still be time for impressions to go through Terrigenesis. Here's hoping, at least.

So what’s your take — will you be checking out Marvel's latest series?